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  • Myth on Fire or Doable Dream?
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Devamrita Swami is an international spiritual teacher, speaker and author. New York born, Yale graduate and monk in the now global Yoga tradition, he travels extensively giving seminars in Universities worldwide. Drawing upon the ancient yoga science, he will share from his new book, “Hiding in Unnatural Happiness” which probes our contemporary approach to fulfilment and progress and recommends another road, less travelled but timeless.
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  • ``I have been to a few of Dewamrita's lectures and I appreciate his ability to translate complex ancient indian teachings into the language of modern day man. This makes it easier for me to apply the wisdom and qualities of ancient yogis to my every-day life.``

    Tom Zahnas - A green architect and a traveller
  • ``Devamrita Swami is an inspiring spiritual teacher with accomplished academic credentials and delivers his realised knowledge with perfect precision. His teachings dig deep into realities of our pursuits and offer a clear pathway for achieving our best with purity and purpose whether one is a college student or working professional. I found his insights relevant now more than ever in our fast paced modern (city) life.``

    Rajkumar Buyya - Professor and Director of Cloud Computing Lab at Melbourne University.
  • ``If you are interested in history, physics, archaeology, geology, politics, spirituality and the connections between all six, you will be fascinated by Searching for Vedic India. Most importantly, by providing information that challenges the picture of man in antiquity as a slobbering Hobbesian beast, Devamrita Swami shows us our abilities to meet the challenges facing mankind today by revealing the genius of man in the past.``

    John Brookes - Community Worker and activist
  • ``Unexpectedly relevant, profound and practically applicable. An ongoing source of inspiration``

    Marie du toit - Yoga Teacher and Chef

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